Original NanoVNA V2+ S-A-A-2

USD $64.95

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Includes 1x Original NanoVNA V2+, 1x Stylus, 1x Calibration Kit, 2x SS405 Low Loss Cables.

NOTE: Does not include the acrylic enclosure so this is discounted $5. We will have a high quality third party enclosure sold separately with free shipping available near the end of December.

The NanoVNA V2+ S-A-A-2 is a high quality low cost vector network analyzer. Used to tune antennas, filters and measure cable loss amongst other applications. It has a frequency range from 50 kHz - 3 GHz and dynamic range of 70 dB (<1.5GHz)/60dB(>3GHz). Powered via microUSB and can run from a Li-Ion battery (not included). Compatible with VNA-QT PC software.

This is the original NanoVNA V2+ designed by OwOComm and manufactured by HCXQS. Purchasing an original unit supports OwOComm's goal to further the open source design and software. This is also the newer V2 PLUS version with 2x faster sweep and the latest firmware preinstalled.


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