NanoVNA V2+ Enclosure and Carry Case

USD $9.95

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Plastic enclosure and protective case for the NanoVNA V2 and V2+. Protect your NanoVNA V2 with a rugged plastic enclosure and carry case. The case case can be used to store the calibration kit as well. A standard 18650 battery (flat top non-protected) can be installed via the battery terminals if desired. Requires assembly - please consult the installation instructions PDF.


1x Plastic NanoVNA V2 Enclosure
1x Carry Case 1x Battery Terminals (Optional to install)
1x Matte Anti-Glare Screen Protector
4x Enclosure Screws

Please note does NOT include NanoVNA V2, NanoVNA calibration kit or battery. These are displayed in the photos for demonstration purposes only.


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