Radio Astronomy with RTL Bridge and Radio-Sky Spectrograph

Amateur radio astronomy hobbyist Jim Sky has written on his blog about his new program called RTL Bridge with allows the RTL-SDR to directly connect to his other radio astronomy programs Radio-SkyPipe and Radio-Sky Spectrograph. Jim describes his two existing program as follows.

Radio-Sky Spectrograph displays a waterfall spectrum. It is not so different from other programs that produce these displays except that it saves the spectra at a manageable data rate and provides channel widths that are consistent with many natural radio signal bandwidths. For terrestrial , solar flare, Jupiter decametric, or emission/absorption observations you might want to use RSS.

Radio-SkyPipe is a souped-up strip chart program which plots signal strength over time. When getting its data from RTL Bridge, RSP is plotting the total power in the spectrum covered by the RTL receiver centered around its set frequency. While the raw values are proportional to power, you will have to apply a function via the RSP Equations feature to apply a calibration if you want absolute values. For signals that do not have significant spectral structure of interest, this would be the preferred way to plot the data.

RTL Bridge for Radio Astronomy
RTL Bridge for Radio Astronomy
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