RTL-SDR on the Nokia N900

Over on the maemo.org forums, user xes has written a post explaining how to get the RTL-SDR working on the Nokia N900 mobile phone. The Nokia N900 runs a modified version of Linux known as maemo, and so is able to use the RTL-SDR drivers with some modifications. Attached to the post by xes are the N900 compatible RTL-SDR drivers, GNU Radio 3.6.2, GQRX and also MultimonNG.

Nokia N900 running RTL-SDR

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How is that even a lousy Nokia (with all due respect) has GNURadio now? When my armhf Linux Tablet doesn’t? Compile error, upon compile error, grrr…


Well… the N900 is a packet injection capable debian based linux machine more so than a phone.
It’s not a no-name device with some crappy kernel nobodies ever heard of.