SignalsEverywhere: Running PlutoSDR over an Ethernet Network Connection

Over on YouTube Corrosive from his SignalsEverywhere channel has just uploaded a new video showing us how to run a PlutoSDR over an Ethernet connection. As the PlutoSDR does not have an Ethernet port built in he uses a USB to Ethernet adapter. The rest of the video shows how to configure the IP address settings in the PlutoSDR config files, and in Windows.

The PlutoSDR is a low cost (typically priced anywhere between $99 - $149 depending on sales) RX/TX capable SDR with up to 56 MHz of bandwidth and 70 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range. It also has an onboard FPGA and ARM Cortex-A9 CPU which can be used to run programs on the PlutoSDR itself.

It is possible to run streaming software such as OpenWebRX directly on the PlutoSDR's CPU. Using an Ethernet connection can help with having enough network bandwidth to serve multiple users over the internet.

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