Receiving Es’Hail-2 DVB-S2 on Ubuntu With LeanDVB

Yesterday we posted about a real time Windows demodulator for receiving amateur TV DVB-S/S2 on Es'Hail-2/QO-100. Recently another YouTube user "M Khanfar" also submitted a video tutorial showing how to decode Es'Hail-2 DVB-S2 on Ubuntu with an RTL-SDR and the LeanDVB decoder.

Khanfar notes that although the LeanDVB decoding method is not real time, his tests show that the LeanDVB method is able to work with a much lower SNR signal compared to the Windows demodulator. The process is to simply capture an IQ file with GQRX, then run LeanDVB on the command line with the recorded IQ file. It will create a TS file that can be played in any media player.

His receiving setup consists of an RTL-SDR, 100cm dish, modified LNB and a home made bias tee that can switch his LNB between horizontal and vertical polarization.

QO-100 DVB-S2 Decoding


  1. Adrian

    I am struggling to install, have a new desktop install or ubuntu 18.04 and when i am following instructions and use make I get errors of:
    libX11 not found. Will not support –gui.
    libiio not found. Will not build leaniio{rx,tx}.
    I have checked that I have libx11-6 installed and I also have libiio-utils installs but I am not sure what else i could be missing.
    Anyone help please?

    • Adrian

      Update. I managed to get past the libX11 error by installing the libx11-dev with sudo apt install libx11-dev.
      But the libiio error still persists, I get:
      libiio not found. Will not build leaniio{rx,tx}.
      I have installed libiio-dev, libiio0), and libiio0-cil which where all the files I could find in ubuntu 18.04.

      So the search goes on, I hope that perhaps these posts help some others!

  2. keyle

    thanks ,,, its realy work well with low snr ! i test it and successfully done .
    i test window version but not got any decoding becouse its low signal , this is realy good and better and work with low snr . very thanks ..

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