SignalsEverywhere Video: SDRAngel How to Receive Basics Tutorial

Over on his YouTube channel SignalsEverywhere, Corrosive has posted a new video tutorial explaining how to use the SDRAngel software for receiving signals in Windows. SDRAngel is a general purpose SDR program similar to programs like SDR#, HDSDR and SDR-Console, however it's layout and workflow is slightly different compared to other programs. SDRAngel also has some interesting features such as built in decoders for DMR, D-Star and Fusion digital voice signals and unlike most other general purpose SDR programs, SDRAngel is also capable of controlling transmit capable SDRs. Corrosive notes that he will discuss that feature in a future tutorial.

Corrosive's tutorial goes over the main points such as changing gain, changing sample rate, tuning to signals, and adding demodulators. In the video he uses an RTL-SDR as the receiver.

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I find it not showing the correct frequency. When I transmit on 446.1, SDR# shows it as 446.1. SDRANGLE howerver, it its spectrum, shows it at 446.085. Can’t figure out how to correct htis.


Nevermind, found it – LO ppm wasn’t set to zero.

Joe Rotello

Stop talking about it and show us where to download or get more info…
A lot of websites mention SDRAngel, but pitifully few advise WHERE to download it (!)


Corrosive of SignalsEverywhere

If you look in the description like I mentioned in the video the download is right there, pay attention.


And if you wanted more coverage and followers of your exploits you would hqve done one of two things, answer the other person’s question with alink, or put the link into the articles text regardless of whether it’s in the videos description.