Demodulating DVB-S Digital Amateur TV with SDRAngel on Windows with an SDR

Over on YouTube Corrosive has uploaded a new tutorial video showing us how we can demodulate DVB-S DATV (Digital Amateur TV) on a Windows PC with SDRAngel. DATV is a mode used by hams to transmit and receive digital video, and SDRAngel is a multiplatform SDR software platform that supports multiple SDRs such as the RTL-SDR, HackRF, PlutoSDR, LimeSDR and more.

SDRAngel comes with a built in DATV demodulator, but it is necessary to install the FFMPEG video decoder yourself. Corrosive's tutorial shows where to download the decoder, and how to install it into SDRAngel. He then goes on to show how to use SDRAngel to begin receiving and demodulating a DATV signal.

We note that in a previous post Corrosive also showed in another video how to transmit and receive DATV with a LimeSDR and a modified $20 DVB-S receiver.

RTL SDR HackRF ETC Decoding DVB-S DATV on Windows with SDRAngel



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Unfortunately, the video has been removed. I will be greatful if anyone can guide to a similar content to transmit IP traffic over the air using two plutos


This is sooo great. I love it!
I just got one question. Where does the Bit-Alignment/ Search for the 0x47 MPEG-TS sync pattern take place on the receiver’s side?
I mean the exact point of where the stream of bits become bytes correctly aligned, so that 0x47 can be found without bit-shifting and FEC can be applied. Since bit-shiting in software AFAIK is rather slow: Is this “byte-alignment” done in software or on the HackRF in logic/firmware?