Tutorial Video Showing How to Receive Meteor M2 Weather Satellite Images with the RTL-SDR

Recently we posted about a tutorial showing how to receive LRPT weather satellite images from the new Russian Meteor M2 satellite. Now over on YouTube user Tom Mladenov has uploaded a tutorial video showing all the tutorial steps.

The reception process is to essentially record an IQ file of an LRPT transmission using SDR#, reduce the sample rate of the IQ file using audacity and then decode the file using LRPTrx.exe. Then finally the decoded data can be imported into LRPTofflineDecoder to produce an image.


  1. Josh

    How can I install the SDRsharp driver into Orbitron? When I select the drop down box in Orbitron, SDRsharp does not show up as a driver. Yes I do have SDR Sharp installed and it works fine. Thanks!

  2. Tom Mladenov

    **Update: The meteor M2 satellite is now again transmitting COLOR hrpt images, the infared testing phase has ended, now regular lrpt is transmitted again.
    In this video i received an infared picture, will try and upload a vid on the lrpt image on my channel soon.

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