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Information on Time Correlating Signals with RTL-SDRs

In a previous post back in September 2017 Stefan Scholl (DC9ST) treated us to a very interesting write up about how to localize transmitters to within a few meters using time difference of arrival (TDOA) techniques with multiple RTL-SDR dongles spread out over an area.

Stefan has recently added to his post now with some additional information on how to properly correlate signals received between multiple RTL-SDR dongles, which is one of the key parts to TDOA. He writes that he covers the following questions:

- What signal parameters influence the quality of the correlation?
- Which type of correlation calculations are available (four)
- Which are suitable with RTL-SDRs, considering noise and phase and frequency offset?

Stefan writes that his findings could be interesting to people interested in the following techniques:

- TDOA localization
- Synchronizing several RTL-SDRs
- Passive Radar

Comparing various bandwidth sizes on correlation quality
Comparing various bandwidth sizes on correlation quality