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YouTube Talk by Ria Jairam: SDR & Setting Up A World Class Station

Over on YouTube FairlawnARC.org have uploaded a talk about SDRs and ham radio by Ria Jairam (N2RJ0). The talk is a good overview of the current state of SDRs for ham radio use, and she discusses the various hardware and software options as well as giving many tips for improving your ham station. The blurb reads:

Our speaker was Ria Jairam (N2RJ), a world class contest operator and member of the Frankford Radio Club. Ria discussed the latest technology and offerings from Flex Radio, the HPSDR project (Ananradios), RTL SDR and others, as well as practical tips for contesting, DXing and rag chewing using your SDR. This presentation was held on Friday, October 20, 2017, 1900 hours at the Fair Lawn Senior Center, 11-05 Gardiner Road, Fair Lawn, NJ. The event was open to the public & refreshments were served.

Ria Jairam, N2RJ YLs, SDR & Setting Up A World Class Station

Part 2 - Ria Jairam, N2RJ YLs, SDR & Setting Up A World Class Station

Using a Quantum Phaser to Null Out Interfering Signals

Over on YouTube user kugellagers has uploaded several videos showing how he used two vertical antennas together with an RTL-SDR and ham-it-up upconverter to demonstrate the effect of using a Quantum Phaser to null out strong interfering signals that can cause trouble when DXing.

A Quantum Phaser is a device that combines signals from two antennas in order to create a steerable null. Essentially this means that a strong nearby station coming from one direction that is overlapping a weak remote station coming from another direction can be heavily attenuated, allowing the weak station to come through.

In his videos kugellagers demonstrates the Quantum Phasers nulling effect with splatter from an AM station, an overlapping IBOC hash signal (AM HD Radio) and Non-Directional Beacons (NDBs).

Phasing Out Splatter From a 50 kW Local On Adjacent Channel

Phasing Out IBOC Hash From A Strong Local On Adjacent Channel

Phasing out LF/NDBs With Closely Spaced Vertical Antennas