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New Version of the Frequency Manager Suite Plugin for SDR# Released

Recently the commonly used Frequency Manager Suite Plugin for SDR# has been updated. The plugin suite works well with the RTL-SDR and includes features such as a frequency scanner and manager, a scanner metrics recorder, a scheduler, an activity logger and a frequency entry plugin. The changelog is shown below:

Frequency Manager + Scanner

  • New feature: you may now optionally display the descriptions of frequencies in your database on the spectrum window. You control the colors and transparency of the descriptions and their marker lines. 
  • New feature: the Browse window now allows you to type a frequency directly into the grid, and the grid will dynamically filter your database to matching frequencies. You may type a partial frequency and all frequencies that start with the same digits will be displayed. The more digits you type, the more specific the filtering.
  • New feature: A checkbox in Preferences lets you control whether the Last Update field is changed when performing bulk edits. When unchecked this permits you to retain the original date and time the frequency was recorded in the database. 
  • New feature: You may now change the font size in the Scanner Decisions window and plugin. The new size will be remembered and used the next time you start SDR#. 
  • New article:  User David Bunyan has provided a how-to article in the Appendix on how to use the scanner effectively for WFM DXing.  See also the WFM DXing Databases download in the Download Here section to get pre-built databases for different regions around the world, also graciously provided by David Bunyan.

Scanner Metrics

  • Bug fix: fixed error in the queue manager that prevented recording activity when the date-time format on the computer was not United States. 
  • Bug fix: fixed error that prevented SM from putting its database in the same folder as FM, if the FM database location was changed after SM was loaded.

Data Tools

  • New feature: default values for imports. Will automatically assign values when they are missing from the source import data.
  • Bug fix: Fixed culture-specific issue with Frequency values when an Eibi database is downloaded. 
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug that caused Data Tools to change the current database in Frequency Manager + Scanner. 
  • Bug fix: Importing an SDR# Frequency Manager data file now results in a prompt to add or replace existing data in the target FMSuite database.

The Pluginator

  • New feature: The Pluginator now knows many of the most popular plugins. So now you may simply select one from a list and it will be installed to Plugins.xml, as opposed to requiring you to type the configuration data for the chosen plugin.