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Testing the YouLoop on VLF & LF Reception with an Airspy HF+ Discovery

Over on his YouTube channel Frugal Radio has been testing his YouLoop passive magnetic loop antenna on VLF and LF reception with his Airspy HF+ Discovery. In the video Frugal Radio browses the VLF & LF spectrum, making note of some interesting signals, and showing how well the combo receives.

The YouLoop is a low cost passive loop antenna for HF and VHF. It is based on the Möbius loop design which results in a high degree of noise cancelling. However the main drawback is that it is a non-resonant design, which means that it needs to be used with ultra low MDS receivers like the Airspy HF+ Discovery. We have YouLoop stock available in our shop for $34.95 with free worldwide shipping.

Airpsy YouLoop passive antenna review on VLF & LF with an HF+ Discovery and SDR# during storms!

Comparing the RSP1 and RSP2 on VLF, LF and AM BC Reception

Over on YouTube user Mile Kokotov has uploaded two new videos that show both the SDRplay RSP1 and RSP2 receiving VLF, LF and AM BC signals. The SDRplay RSP1 is a 12-bit SDR that can receive from about 10 kHz – 2 GHz. Recently the RSP2 was released which is an upgrade over the RSP1 with additional filters and features. On this blog we did an initial review of the RSP2 and found mostly improved performance over the RSP1.

Mile writes about the signals he receives:

Antenna on RSP2 is connected to its Hi-Z port.

Here are some information about signals in this video:

60 kHz Time signal from NPL is a radio signal broadcast from the Anthorn Radio Station near Anthorn, UK.
The signal, also known as the MSF signal is broadcast at a highly accurate frequency of 60 kHz and can be received throughout the UK, and in much of northern and western Europe. (But I am receiving it in Macedonia) The signal’s carrier frequency is maintained at 60 kHz controlled by caesium atomic clocks at the radio station.

77.5 kHz Time signal is German DCF77 longwave time signal and standard-frequency radio station. The highly accurate 77.5 kHz carrier signal is generated from local atomic clocks that are linked with the German master clocks.

On 295 kHz there is NDB (Non directional Beacon) from Alexander The Great Airport near Skopje (about 80 km from my home)

On AM Broadcast Band (530 kHz – 1620 kHz) you can see how many AM stations are on the spectrum display (with 9 kHz raster) receiving here at my home with Mini-Whip antenna which is only 10 cm long!

More information you can find on my web-page: http://www.qsl.net/z33t

The first video shows reception with a Mini-Whip, and the second with a Delta Loop. We don’t see much difference in reception between the RSP1 and RSP2 in these videos but viewers with more sensitive ears may be able to tell us if they notice any differences.

SDRplay RSP1 and RSP2 receiving VLF LF and AM BC with Mini-Whip

SDRplay RSP1 and RSP2 receiving 60 kHz and 77.5 kHz Time signals in Macedonia