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Running an RTL-SDR on a QNAP NAS

Thankyou to M.Khanfar for submitting news about his latest project which involves running an RTL-SDR dongle on a QNAP NAS (network attached storage). Running a dongle on a NAS machine might be useful if you need to record large amounts of IQ data, or need fast network speeds. Khanfar writes:

In this video , I will show you step by step how to make QNAP NAS Recognize and Running SDR Dongle and connected directly via USB and then launching rtl-sdr tools by installing dependencies tool to run like rtl_tcp.

The tools we need to install its calling QPKG. QNap Nas has it's own operating system called QTS, and NAS it mean ( Network Attached storage ) and I'm successfully implementing dependencies and make QNAP Recognize my SDR Dongle Stand alone. 

The QPKG it's like. exe in windows, but its special extensions for qnap operating system QTS .

The two qpkg (software) we will install them from third party delevopper for qnap , not from official qnap store, and I will install them inside my QNAP and you will see step by step how it's easy to turn your QNAP NAS to SDR Server without any pc needed ! 

And the advantage is the qnap is stand alone, and it has a high speed gigabit LAN speed, and it have SSL certificate that I buy it from qnap store for secure connection from outside and it has like fix up adrress it's called qnap Id.

So I can easy running my sdr# from my work directly TCP to my SDR dongle ! using qnap Id with plus port number for TCP like 1234.

If you have +3mbps internet speed for uploading in your home, you can easy access and making connection to rtl_tcp from different country, and secured with ssl and qnap I'd ! I will post in future video for WAN Access secure and fast to rtl_tcp from outside.

The two QPKG we need : 

1-Entware-3x-std: its install many dependencies packages to use in terminal like OPKG tool that we need it to install rtl-sdr package! .
2-Gotty : its terminal emulator I use it inside qnap to install commands. 
follow my video for understanding!

My qnap model in this video: QNAP TS-228 

The command I use after install all dependencies:
opkg install git rtl-sdr

Command for update opkg :
opkg update



Implementing SDR Dongle Under QNAP NAS - QTS os

Running a NAS, Torrentbox and ADS-B RTL-SDR Server all on the same Raspberry Pi 3

Most readers are familiar with the Raspberry Pi 3 and how it can be used with RTL-SDR applications such as ADS-B reception. However, one does not need to dedicate an entire Pi 3 to a single task as they are more than powerful enough to run multiple applications at once.

Over on his blog 'Radio for Everyone' Akos has uploaded a tutorial that shows how he set his Raspberry Pi 3 up as a simultaneous Network Attached Storage (NAS), Torrentbox  and ADS-B server. A NAS is simply a hard drive or other data storage device that can be accessed easily over a network instead of having to be connected directly to a PC. A torrentbox is a device such as a Raspberry Pi 3 running torrent software so that you can download torrent files 24/7 without needing a PC on all the time.

Akos' tutorial shows how to set everything up from scratch, starting from writing the Raspbian SD Card and connecting to it via SSH. He then goes on to show how to install the torrent software, set up the NAS and finally set up ADS-B reception.

Pi 3 as a NAS, torrentbox and ADS-B server.
Pi 3 as a NAS, torrentbox and ADS-B server.