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YouTube: Unboxing new Antennas for use with the RTL-SDR

On YouTube Eric William has posted a video showing him unboxing two new antennas that he intends to use with his RTL-SDR. He unboxes a new QFH antenna for use with receiving NOAA weather satellite images, and a new Discone antenna for general wideband receiving. If you are interested in buying commercial antennas for use with your RTL-SDR, this video may be useful at giving you some idea of what’s available.

New Antennas for my SDR Setup- Mailbag Monday

Eric also recently posted a video showing an overview of his RTL-SDR setup which is also an interesting watch.

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NOAA Weather Satellite Antenna and Software Guide

Over on the SDR for mariners blog, author Akos has written two new beginners posts on getting up and running with receiving and decoding NOAA weather satellite APT images.

The first post discusses antennas that are useful for NOAA satellite reception, and shows how to build a homemade turnstile and QFH antenna. His second post shows a beginners guide to the software that can be used to decode the APT signal in order to obtain a live weather satellite image.

sdrformariners_apt_image QFH Antenna