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Update: RTL-SDR Running ADS-B on a Quadrocopter now with Augmented Reality Display

Previously we showed a post on how John Wiseman was able to get ADS-B decoding with dump1090 running on his AR.Drone with an RTL-SDR stick so that he could track the locations of other aircraft. He has now gone further and implemented an Augmented Reality style ADS-B aircraft radar display on his AR.Drone. Check out the video he posted showing it in action below.

AR.Drone with air traffic (ADS-B) overlaid on camera feed

AR Drone with Augmented Reality ADS-B using RTL-SDR

RTL-SDR Running ADS-B on a Quadrocopter

Blogger John Wiseman has managed to get ADS-B decoding using an rtl-sdr stick working on his AR.Drone quadrocopter. The AR.Drones run on the Linux operating system, so he was able to compile and install the Linux ADS-B decoder dump1090 on his drone.

Although the reception was hampered by RF interference from the drones electric motors, it was still able to pick up a number of ADS-B signals.

ADSB Drone