Tech Minds: Testing the Pluto Plus SDR

The "Pluto Plus" (aka Pluto+) is an unofficial and upgraded version of the Analog Devices ADALM Pluto SDR. It is currently available on Aliexpress and Banggood stores. In his latest video Tech Minds reviews a Pluto+ SDR that he has received, noting that it has all of the features that should have been in the original Adalm PlutoSDR.

He notes that the PlutoSDR+ has various improvements over the PlutoSDR such as that it comes in a metal enclosure, has four SMA connections (2x TX, 2x TX), a Gigabit Ethernet connection, a microSD slot, external clock input, 0.5PPM TCXO, fine tunable clock via resistor, a PTT key port and a DFU key.

In the video he goes on to show how to set up the PlutoSDR+ before testing it out on a QO-100 satellite setup, noting that it works perfectly and without any signal drift noticed.

Pluto Plus SDR - An Adalm Pluto Upgrade?

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Who is the real manufacturer of this advanced clone of the original Analog Device ADALM-PLUTO ?
Is the device reliable ? I have read of users complaining of boot problems due to bad solder joints …


Is vivado project available for Pluto+?
Pls provide link?


Is it possible to connect via ssh to pluto+ ?

Konrad Roeder

Yes. pluto+ is DHCP by default. You can SSH (port 22) to that IP address.


Pluto+ has a litle bug: cheap Balun B0310J50100AHF 300MHZ-1GHZ instead of TCM1-63AX 10MHZ-6GHz . That cause lack of sensitivity. Additional MOD is necesarry necesary.


If you look at the datasheet for the B0310J50100AHF it does show the expected Wide Band Performance from 0 MHz to 8000 MHz. So they will function, just with less than ideal performance, when operating outside of specification. At a guess that exact part was chosen not for ideal performance but to make a price point possible.
On mouser 4000 TCM1-63AX+ @ €5.14 = €20,560.00
On mouser 4000 B0310J50100AHF @ €0.307 = €1,228.00
More than an order of magnitude cheaper. If you can knock a zero of a price of a final product it becomes attractive to a lot more consumers. More sales at a lower profit margin usually trumps lower sales with higher profit margins (outside of government work).

RF Guy

how do you setup the software side (sdr angel) with network connection of Pluto ? is in sdr angel pluto+ ethernet supported or is it like a USB-Network Adapter ?


example with SDR consol,
it works with pluto+