Techminds: Testing out the new Plugins Feature on SDRuno V1.4 RC1

Earlier in the month SDRplay released SDRuno V1.4 RC1. This is a beta version that amongst other changes now has the capability to run "plugins". Plugins allow developers to easily create modules that extend the functionality of the SDRUno software. For example right now there is a plugin included with V1.4 RC1 that allows users to listen to DAB audio. Up until recently plugin functionality has only been available in Airspy's SDR# software, so it's good to see SDRuno finally including this feature too.

Over on the Techminds YouTube channel Matthew has uploaded a short video where he tests out the new plugins feature. First he tests out the DAB decoder, noting that the CoreAAC codec needs to be installed first separately. Later he tests the second plugin which is an audio recorder that allows users to record audio to MP3.

SDRPlay SDRuno Plugins Feature - NEW!

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Frank J. Monaco Monaco

I was wondering why the callsign F6FLT seemed familiar. The creator of RadioRaft? I had so much enjoyment back in the day running it. How cool would it be to have something similar to use in this SDR realm?

Frank — W4FJM


do we need a new EXT/IO in order to benefit from the SDRUNO 1.4 new features
I downloaded the new 1.4 RC2 yet I can not see the plugins feature ..
any help how to get them working with RTL please../???


SDR# is not the subject here, but to answer “J’ai besoin de lunettes”, I know these “examples of SDR# plugins” and I used them. They are from 2016, when SDR# was more open than today.
The latest versions of SDR# make these examples really incomplete. The good information is not provided anymore, that’s why my plugin to use SDR# with SDRPlay devices works but is incompatible with other plugins ( ).
I take this opportunity to point out that the 100% operation of SDR# and its plugins with SDRPlay is however possible with EXTIO thanks to this DLL found here: , which is not mine and which I use instead of mine from now on.
There’s nothing more deadly than having to guess how a software that doesn’t provide references to third party developers has evolved, in order to know how to integrate new plugins correctly.
In this respect, the documented opening of SDRUno to third party plugins gives me a better development opportunity, and I’m going to try it.


Thank you very much for your very responsive and helpful assistance, Andy.


Plugins in SDR software are really a plus, and I’m ready to develop some myself.
Some software, like SDR# (which I also use), doesn’t provide any public information for plugin development, which takes away all the interest of plugins.
I hope this will not be the case for SDRuno Version 1.4RC1 but currently I can’t find any tutorial or reference manual for third party plugin development.
Are there any?

J'ai besoin de lunettes => Developer Resources => SDR# plugin examples to use as a templates for new developments


F6FLT I replied to your email. For anyone else wanting information on the SDRuno plugin system, they can get it from here: and also more information on the latest version of SDRuno here: