Tech Minds: Testing the Cloudmarkers SDRuno Community Plugin

This week on the Tech Minds YouTube channel Matthew introduces the "Cloudmarkers" plugin for SDRuno. SDRuno is the official software for the SDRplay RSP line of software defined radios, but the EXTio version also supports the RTL-SDR.

Cloudmarkers is a plugin that allows users to query the online Cloudmarkers database to determine what an unknown signal at the currently tuned frequency might be. The database is created by other Cloudmarkers users, so if you have your own information to add you can add information about particular frequencies to the database for others to query later.

In the video Matthew shows  the Cloudmarkers plugin in operation and notes that the plugin can work with both SDRplay SDRs and the RTL-SDR.

CLOUDMARKERS - Community Plugin For SDRuno

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Would love to see this plug-in for SDR++ or SDR#. I don’t see myself using SDRUno EXTIO very often–just not a fan of the interface.

Duncan Thomas

Are there any other details on the database? I might have a go at reverse engineering the plugin since the code is fairly simple, but an API doc would be easier. Google isn’t finding me anything


I got SDRUno EXTIO to work, but I can’t figure out how to activate plugins. I even downloaded the latest build with community plug-ins. Perhaps this is a limitation of the ExtIO version?


You won’t, the plugins are for sdrplay units.