Upgrading the Mahahit DSP1 and Malahit Chinese Clones into the Mahahit DSP2

Mahiteam is a Russian company that produces the relatively popular Malahit DSP1/DSP2 and Malahit DDC portable SDR radio which are great for shortwave listening, but can also cover up to 2 GHz. Manuel L. has been following developments and notes that Malahiteam are offering the ability to upgrade their DSP1 (and any DSP1 Chinese clone) into Malahit 2 units by sending the device in for a chip replacement. Manuel writes:

Hi. Recently it is possible to upgrade the Malahit DSP1 (original) and also the China clones (if registered in Russia) of the Malahit with a new CPU and if necessary a new audio codec chip. This upgrade has been officially released by the Malahiteam the developers.

This allows custom DSP2 firmware to run on the DSP1 and clones. This makes the device more powerful and also has the option of installing a Bluetooth board and controlling it via the software, as is the case with the DSP2.

This upgrade can be carried out directly in Russia by the Malahit team.

For Europe this is done by Jochen Köster DC9DD (Malahit Servise Europa) who converted the first DSP1 and China clones outside of Russia.

In the US, the future KD9NXV makes Mark Roy (USA Service Malahit).

I have tested the first conversions outside of Russia and it is a very big upgrade of the devices. They work a lot better now. I have shown this in several YouTube films. More information and contacts to the service teams outside of Russia can be found at Telegram and the Malahit Facebook group



YouTube Video Upgrade Malahit DSP1 and China Clone:

The Malahit DSP2
The Malahit DSP2
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Run 3

How long does it take?


Hi all,I know we all have opinions about wars and conflicts.
The malahit team makes SDR receivers and i know people will say why are we buying russian products or afilliates.

Its our hobby and thats all we do so regardless where its made,i think we should be happy we can get them and use them.
War is horrible but no matter what we do we will never be able to do anything about it. Russian people
are not alll in favour of war,i dont think that buying the sdr recievers will change anything but business has to go on regardless.

Keep on the air.

Thanks all

Drive Mad

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David Schwimmer

Are we really promoting any Russian company whilst they rage war against Ukraine?


absolutely! I see no reason to smear with Russophobia people/company who earn an honest and decent living

James Domuch

1. Who is paying you to make stupid, irrelevant, off-topic comments on this non-political news site?
2. Who is “we”?
3. Do you seriously think buying a Chinese radio from some Russian hobbyists is going to support the “Russian War Effort” while America is sending hundreds of billions of your tax dollars to the Ukrainian black market?

Get a brain Schwimmer, then get a life.

James Domuch is a clown

While American is sending 1% …. James the clown …. russian troll who make propaganda of black market ? Show us the proof …
Russia invaded a country , that’s the point … Who is WE … ? We are … not collabo like you !
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JD is a clown

JD is a brainwashed moron…


So you are pretending that Ukraine aggression against people of Donbass before 2022 never existed?

Frank Scanlan

What is the cost? How long does it take?