Comparing the Malahit DSP-2 Russian Original vs Chinese Clone

Over on the blog guest poster Dan Robinson has posted an article comparing  the Russian made original "Malahit" DSP-2 (~$200) vs the Chinese clone who have upped the version number to DSP-3, but will be referred to as the "HFDY V3" (~$180). The original Malahit DSP-2 from "Malahiteam" is a portable SDR with built in speaker and touchscreen. It has a frequency range spanning between 50 kHz to 50 MHz, 50 MHz to 250 MHz and 400 MHz to 2 GHz.

There are several clones out there, but Dan notes that the Chinese "HFDY V3" version appears to be superior in terms of build quality with its high quality metal construction, high quality knobs, two antenna jacks for AM and FM, good internal shielding, and front firing speaker with beautiful gold grill. These are all improvements over the Russian made version, however it's important to note that the Chinese clone version comes with older firmware that must be carefully updated first, in order to obtain the same features as the original DSP-2.

Overall in terms of performance, after the firmware upgrade, Dan finds no difference in performance between the two. Dan goes on to mention that both the clone and original suffer from grounding problems and sensitivity to touch especially with shortwave. 

Finally he notes how Malahiteam are planning a new higher end more expensive product which will include an optional add-on for enabling reception up to 6 GHz. The estimated cost of the new version will be $480 with the 6 GHz add-on, and $42o without.

The HFDY Malahit DSP SDR V3 (Chinese Clone)
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Why is 300 MHz to 340 MHz not covered? Is there a way to unblock these frequencies? All my Arduino RF radio control stuff is in this range. Is it possible to get one of these that doesn’t have 250 MHz to 400 MHz blocked? Why on Earth would that frequency range not be covered?


Military UHF band


I believe the reason for this is, from what I’ve heard, an engineering balancing. I’m no engineer but it was conveyed somewhere that it was something they had to do to build it?? It’s a great radio! I have an Unblocked Icom 8500. In the range you’re talking about, I don’t ever hear anything anyway! Maybe I heard something in that range once or twice on a dongle. Point is, if you’re as immersed into the Hobby as I am, you’ll have a radio or two that covers that range. Just not from this radio! However it’s worth the buy! However, as I write this the New Chinese DSP 2.4 is looking good! Thinking about pulling the trigger on that one!

Patrick De Bleeckere



Where is the Chinese “HFDY V3 sold?