30% Off Outernet L-Band RTL-SDR DIY Kits – $70 for RTL-SDR, LNA, Antenna, CHIP and Battery

Outernet is an L-band satellite service that aims to be a “library in the sky”. They are constantly transmitting data such as up to date news, weather updates, Wikipedia pages, books, ISS APRS repeats and much more. Their DIY receiver kit consists of a lithium battery pack, L-band patch satellite antenna, LNA with built in filter, C.H.I.P mini Linux computer and an RTL-SDR E4000 or V3.

The DIY kit is normally priced at $99 USD, but right now they are running a 30% off Christmas promotion, bringing the price down to $69.30 USD. If you don’t need the battery pack, the sale price is then only $55.30 USD. This seems like a very good deal as normally just the patch antenna and Outernet LNA would be almost $50 USD in total.

To get the discount you must purchase directly from their store and use the coupon 30OFF. The promotion ends 31 December 2016 at 11:59 PM CST so get in quick.

The Outernet items you get for $70 USD.
The Outernet items you get for $70 USD.
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How can I buy this kit?


Its a shame they have crappy DHL as the only available shipping option 🙁

Orion Smit

Thanks, always looking for a reason to get another SDR 😛