A Car Based SDR Station for ADS-B, ATCS, P25, DMR, POCSAG and more

Over on YouTube user Corrosive has uploaded a video where he takes us on a tour or his very nicely set up mobile SDR station that is built into his car. His setup includes several antennas on his car's roof which cover multiple bands, a BCD780XLT scanner, an RTL-SDR, an Android head unit that is capable of running multiple SDR apps and also a Windows tablet that is used to run more CPU heavy SDR apps.

Later in the video he shows himself running SDR Trunk on the tablet and receiving and decoding the local P25 police department signal, and then running dump1090 for monitoring aircraft ADS-B, and Gpredict for tracking satellites.

Corrosive's Mobile SDR Station | Receive ADS-B ATCS P25 DMR POCSAG and More on the Go!

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    Big fan of Corrosive. Very promising future developments are going to come from this young gentleman. It takes all kinds of talents to make a complete community. His personality, curiosity, gumption and skills add up to hella moxy. Thanks for your contributions, Corrosive. You seem to have struck a good balance between TCB in RL and doing your ereet haxor thang.
    -old man trying to hard to sound young.

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