A Datasheet for our RTL-SDR.com V3 Dongles

A few people have been asking for a RTL-SDR.com V3 data/info sheet, so we have written one up here (PDF). The datasheet explains the improvements made to the V3, and how to use some of the special features like the direct sampling mode and the bias tee.

Most of the same information is available on the product release page, and the online V3 users guide as well.


  1. Timmy

    Have you tried using an external search engine ? I’d search for something like “RTL-SDR-Blog-V3-Datasheet filetype:pdf” or “site:rtl-sdr.com filetype:pdf” if the first search generated no hits.

  2. Robert

    All I see is a info sheet I didn’t see anything that I would call data . Their is no noise floor numbers and what is the receiver sensitivity for R820T2 Tune chip , and the sensitivity for the direct sampling mode and numbers for the noise floor in that mode .

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