RTL-SDR Easy HF Dongle Mod

Over on YouTube user crookedninja5 has uploaded a video showing what he calls the “Easy HF dongle mod”. The mod involves soldering a wire from Pin 1 on the RTL2832U chip to the static protection diode near the antenna input. At the same time he also uses the modified RTL-SDR dll file for SDR# which enables the “no hardware mod” direct sampling mode.

Using this mod he is able to get decent coverage of 0 – 14.4 MHz.

SDR Shortwave Radio Mod "easy HF dongle mod"


  1. Anon

    Will this mod affect the chip in such a way that it can’t be reversed?
    If not what I’d like to try is put a switch inline on the jumper, so I can switch between an unmodded and modded mode.
    So if I wanted to receive HF I could just unplug the dongle, flip the switch, change dll files, plug it back in and start listening.

    Any reason this wouldn’t work?

    • Robert Symanek

      I wasn’t implying that the easy mod wouldn’t work . I was comparing it to a crystal set witch is direct sampling from way back in the history radio history , a hundred years ago or so . Crystal set worked , but not all that great and that why people started coming up with better electronics to do the job better .

    • PB

      Anon, have you been able to determine if after performing the mod, is the dongle limited to just 0 – 14.4 MHz? Or will it continue to receive up to 2ghz?

    • Chris

      You can receive CB without the mod and the correct antenna with the R820T dongles as they tune down to 24MHz; I’ve listened in on CB conversations quite recently, no up conversion or direct sampling mod required. A 2.5 metre dipole or metal rod with radials/groundplane will work fine as an antenna in that band.

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