RTL-SDR Easy HF Dongle Mod

Over on YouTube user crookedninja5 has uploaded a video showing what he calls the “Easy HF dongle mod”. The mod involves soldering a wire from Pin 1 on the RTL2832U chip to the static protection diode near the antenna input. At the same time he also uses the modified RTL-SDR dll file for SDR# which enables the “no hardware mod” direct sampling mode.

Using this mod he is able to get decent coverage of 0 – 14.4 MHz.

SDR Shortwave Radio Mod "easy HF dongle mod"

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ware deau

where do yo moms do be at?


Will this mod affect the chip in such a way that it can’t be reversed?
If not what I’d like to try is put a switch inline on the jumper, so I can switch between an unmodded and modded mode.
So if I wanted to receive HF I could just unplug the dongle, flip the switch, change dll files, plug it back in and start listening.

Any reason this wouldn’t work?

Robert Symanek

I wasn’t implying that the easy mod wouldn’t work . I was comparing it to a crystal set witch is direct sampling from way back in the history radio history , a hundred years ago or so . Crystal set worked , but not all that great and that why people started coming up with better electronics to do the job better .


Anon, have you been able to determine if after performing the mod, is the dongle limited to just 0 – 14.4 MHz? Or will it continue to receive up to 2ghz?

Robert Symanek

Kinda like a fancy crystal set ???????????????


Can i receive CB Radio to?
The Frequency go up to 27,405MHz


You can receive CB without the mod and the correct antenna with the R820T dongles as they tune down to 24MHz; I’ve listened in on CB conversations quite recently, no up conversion or direct sampling mod required. A 2.5 metre dipole or metal rod with radials/groundplane will work fine as an antenna in that band.