A modified dump1090 with ADS-B Heatmap and Range Alititude View

Dump1090 is one of the most popular ADS-B decoders that is used together with the RTL-SDR dongle. ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast and is a system used by aircraft that broadcasts their GPS positions. It is a replacement for traditional reflection based radar systems. We have a tutorial on using the RTL-SDR to decode ADS-B here.

There is now a forked version of dump1090 by tedsluis that incorporates heatmap generation and range/altitude view. A heatmap will allow you to visualize where the most active aircraft paths in your area are and the range/altitude view allows you to see at what altitudes aircraft typically fly at in different locations. The software logs aircraft data in a CSV file, and then after collecting enough data a second program can be used to generate the heatmap. The full explanation of the software and instructions for installing and using it on a Raspberry Pi Linux system together with PiAware are posted on the flightaware.com forums.

A heatmap of aircraft flight paths.
A heatmap of aircraft flight paths.
dump1090-mutability with Heatmap ADS-B and range altitude view

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