ADS-B Traffic Analytics with Valo and an RTL-SDR

Valo is a software service for real time big data streaming analytics of data from many sensors.  On their website they explain their service as follows.

Valo is a single platform for streaming (real time) and batch (historical) data analysis. Valo provides multi-paradigm big data storage for both semi-structured and numerical data. Valo contains a powerful analytics engine for processing all of this data. Finally Valo is super simple – a single tool that can be up and running in minutes.

Recently Rémi Selva wrote in to let us know about an interesting use-case for Valo which involves the RTL-SDR. In his post Rémi shows us how he uses an RTL-SDR, Raspberry Pi running dump1090, and Valo to create interesting data visualizations of the ADS-B aircraft data. He not only shows how to visualize the data in Valo, but also how to use queries to dig deeper into the data, looking for patterns.

Valo ADS-B Data Flow
Valo ADS-B Data Flow

Rémi writes that what he’s done is simply a proof of concept that shows the power of Valo. He writes that one such interesting future development could be using Valo to detect FBI/CIA surveillance aircraft. Previously we posted about how an RTL-SDR user discovered these surveillance aircraft by their odd circular flight paths. The analytics engine of Valo could be used to automatically detect odd flight patterns such as from these surveillance aircraft. 

Plotting the history of aircraft coming into land at HK airport
Plotting the history of aircraft coming into land at HK airport
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