ARTEMIS: Free Signal Identification Software

Marco, a reader of and user of our sister site has been developing some Windows software to display the database in an easier to access format. The software is called Artemis and can be downloaded from

Artemis allows for various example signals to be quickly viewed with the corresponding example waterfall image, frequency, bandwidth and other information. There is also a filtering function that allows you to search by frequency and type of signal.

Marco writes that he would love to hear any user requests for new features such as more filters, improvements, or anything else as well as any bug reports. We also note that data such as frequencies and bandwidths provided in the database may not yet be 100% correct since the wiki is relatively new and is yet to mature.

Screenshot of Artemis
Screenshot of Artemis
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I just want to add, that as of November 2019, there is Artemis 3 project, and it’s still corrupted with viruses and trojans.


Max Burke

This is what I get from Malware Bytes Google browser extension when I try to go to

Website blocked due to possible suspicious activity
We strongly recommend you do not visit this site.
Website blocked:

What is possible suspicious activity?
I want to continue to the site anyway
Get Malwarebytes Premium for comprehensive protection against hackers, viruses, and other malware. TRY FREE

Max Burke

Replying to my own post as I cant see any edit option.

When I choose the option to go to the site anyway, My Avast AV pops up a Threat Secured window saying it’s safely aborted the connection to because it was infected with URL:Blacklist.

And Google Chrome block the site with this message, probably because Avast terminated the connection.

This site can’t be reached The connection was reset.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics


We told him thousand of times that .TK domain is spam but he insisted saying that there is no problem.
There is a redirect to set from the .TK dummies.
I also think that the Artemis database is not updated, it is a abandoned project so it is wothless to download.
The same informations are available updated at


p.s. i have just seen that there is Artemis 2 at

Max Burke

Yeah, I tried that as well, but it requires you to register with your email address apparently for your ‘forum participation’. That’s very suspect as well, given the warnings from the original websites.

Max Burke

Thanks for that, I think I’ll stay with/go to


Artemis 3 website:


I agree about 000webhost as it has very bad reviews.I had some god damb popup about my ad blocker,it is there for a purpose and i wont disable it for any site


Forget it.
The site is corrupt.
Spams all things and you can only download after giving your cellphone number, and then you have to pay.
Dont go there.



Hi Henk,
The site isn’t corrupt; you simply clicked (by mistake, I suppose) on some advertising. I have added to my website the instructions to correctly download Artemis (and all other stuff on with some additional info about why I’m using redirect link services ( I’m sorry if you have encountered this kind of issues but I’m trying to keep Artemis free of charge (unfortunately, website server cost me money…) . Please, If you have other questions feel free to post your doubt.
PS: thanks Admin for your fast reply!

Marco DT


No way!
There are many reliable free web space providers and people still look for esotic providers that last only a few years and have nothing to loose filling up the pages with scripts and advertising.
Check, very good and reliable in the last 20 years. With FTP upload; you can even have free MySQL database if you just add an untrusive banner.
p.s. don’t use TK or other short url services, they live injecting scripts.


Marco, you really, really should work with Randaller (cnn-rtlsdr, to develop a stand alone gui application (with DDE to integrate with HDR, HDSDR etc.) to automatically identify digital modes in real time.


Yes please!


mac version would be nice

Lorin Hollander

Hi. We desperately need software that truly identifies digital (Amateur) radio signals in order to be able to run FLdigi, or HR deluxe or any other digital mode amatur radio Program. Without this software capability, one is forced to go to anb outside wiki and listen to 20 or more modes over and over again searching for one mode that might sound similar to what one is hearing and wants to decode.

And we need this ability on the Mac. It seems to me that this is needed, and would have a very wide appeal to a large SDR user Ham Radio audience, and that this aspect of the hobby will not be complete with out such ability. Why this is not already incorporated in all software rig control and Digital communication software is beyond me. If the software is able to read the various modes for decoding, there already exists the technology to evaluate and identify received digital signals matching them against all the existing modes already existing as code in the program and identify the one sought for.

when can we expect this? I imagine such an idea an project could generate considerable funding.

It could be an adjunct program to everything else out there, and should be eventually incorporated in all the major programs for digital ham radio.


Lorin WA1PGB

Steven Arkon

I agree, As an older HAM I don’t hear so good. All this digital sound all sounds the same to me. I need the air of telling me if the signal is RTTY or PSK31 is it THOR or FSQ or any number of flavers of data signals. HELP!! you programming gurus. I run all my HAM Radio SDR on Linux Mint. Please help out an old man. 73 Steven AA7YL


The level of difficulty would be akin to hearing 1 second of speech and then correctly identifying the spoken language:
Afrikaans/Albanian/Amharic/Arabic/Armenian/Azerbaijani/Basque/Belarusian/Bengali/Bosnian/Bulgarian/Catalan/Cebuano/Chichewa/Chinese/Corsican/Croatian/Czech/Danish/Dutch/English/Esperanto/Estonian/Filipino/Finnish/French/Frisian/Galician/Georgian/German/Greek/Gujarati/Haitian Creole/Hausa/Hawaiian/Hebrew/Hindi/Hmong/Hungarian/Icelandic/Igbo/Indonesian/Irish/Icelandic/Italian/Japanese/Javanese/Kannada/Kazakh/Khmer/Korean/Kurdish (Kurmanji)/Kyrgyz/Lao/Latin/Latvian/Lithuanian/Luxembourgish/Macedonian/Malagasy/Malay/Malayalam/Maltese/Maori/Marathi/Mongolian/Myanmar (Burmese)/Navajo/Nepali/Norwegian/Pashto/Persian/Polish/Portuguese/Punjabi/Romanian/Russian/Samoan/Scots Gaelic/Serbian/Sesotho/Shona/Sindhi/Sinhala/Slovak/Slovenian/Somali/Spanish/Sundanese/Swahili/Swedish/Tagalog/Tajik/Tamil/Telugu/Thai/Turkish/Ukrainian/Urdu/Uzbek/Vietnamese/Welsh/Xhosa/Yiddish/Yoruba/Zulu

I’m not saying that it is totally impossible, but it could require recording of say a 15 second sample unknown signal in a specific format, then uploading that to a central server farm for analysis, and a table of probabilities would be returned to the client once the capture is fully analysed.

It would probably operate in a very similar fashion to the current music identification services, with a large central database.
e.g. or


Hi Steven. Automated signal classification is a very tough problem and the solution is certainly not cheap. There are S/W packages out there that cost in excess of $10,000 per seat with mixed results in real-world environments. There are cheaper packages but they run in excess of $3,000. I don’t know how well they work.
Here’s my suggestion. Develop the skill to identify the signals yourself through both sight (spectrum and waterfall displays) and sound. Artemis will help out in that regard. For instance, I’d bet you can instantly identify FM, AM, USB, LSB, and CW transmissions just by looking at the spectrum/waterfall display.


Linux version!


This link worked to download fine…now to make it work


im the creator of this little tool: sorry for problems with site (damn free hosting), im trying to fix it as fast as i can. I almost finished next version that has audio preview and a new design…this link redirect to a temporary zip that contain software and database (version 061):


It looks like you cant update the database. Gives ERR when attempting to connect. I think the database probably has too much traffic.


You might want to switch from 000Webhost to x10Hosting (free), and also use CloudFlare, x10Hosting can handle a lot more traffic.


It’s being reported as a virus from AVAST ! I’ll check it with an online multi-engine virus scanner now…


This definitely smells… 10 antivirus out of 56 report it as a virus!

Check this:

Avast Win32:Malware-gen 20151002
Avira TR/Confuser.4303872 20151002
ESET-NOD32 a variant of MSIL/Packed.Confuser.J suspicious 20151002
K7AntiVirus Trojan ( 004b89791 ) 20151002
K7GW Trojan ( 004b89791 ) 20151002
McAfee Artemis!3EDD79ED7AA8 20151002
McAfee-GW-Edition Artemis!3EDD79ED7AA8 20151002
Qihoo-360 HEUR/QVM03.0.Malware.Gen 20151002
Rising PE:Malware.RDM.36!5.2A[F1] 20151001
Sophos Generic PUA CM (PUA) 20151002


The link still not working for me. Is there any mirror of the site where can be the database program downloaded?


This is not identification software, it is a database only.


please make a audio output to artemis to hear the signals.


Site is down due traffic limits 😉