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Artemis 3 Released: Offline Signal Identification Database

The Signal ID Wiki (sigidwiki) is our sister site that we started a few years ago as a way to collect and catalog various types of signals that an SDR user might see and hear on the airwaves. The idea is that a user could search the database to learn about and identify unknown signals. Over time it has grown significantly, with now almost 400 known signals with both waterfall images and sound samples available in the database. Special thanks to lead admin Carl Colena for maintaining and playing a huge role in the databases' growth.

Artemis is an open source Windows/Linux/MacOS compatible application initially programmed by Marco Dalla Tiezza. It brings the sigidwiki website into an offline searchable database with an easy to use UI. Today version 3.0 was released to the public. The new version has been completely rewritten from scratch in Python, as the previous versions were written in BASIC (a now abandoned programming language). The new version has an improved UI, and paves the path for future improvements. 

Marco notes that in the future they hope to add an Autocorrelation function, which might help users automatically identify certain types of repetitive signals simply by playing the raw audio into Artemis.

Note that in order to download the software you will need to sign up to their forum, which is free.

Artemis 3.0 Screenshot
Artemis 3.0 Screenshot

ARTEMIS: Free Signal Identification Software

Marco, a reader of RTL-SDR.com and user of our sister site sigidwiki.com has been developing some Windows software to display the sigidwiki.com database in an easier to access format. The software is called Artemis and can be downloaded from http://markslab.tk/project-artemis/.

Artemis allows for various example signals to be quickly viewed with the corresponding example waterfall image, frequency, bandwidth and other information. There is also a filtering function that allows you to search by frequency and type of signal.

Marco writes that he would love to hear any user requests for new features such as more filters, improvements, or anything else as well as any bug reports. We also note that data such as frequencies and bandwidths provided in the sigidwiki.com database may not yet be 100% correct since the wiki is relatively new and is yet to mature.

Screenshot of Artemis
Screenshot of Artemis