Artemis 3 Released: Offline Signal Identification Database

The Signal ID Wiki (sigidwiki) is our sister site that we started a few years ago as a way to collect and catalog various types of signals that an SDR user might see and hear on the airwaves. The idea is that a user could search the database to learn about and identify unknown signals. Over time it has grown significantly, with now almost 400 known signals with both waterfall images and sound samples available in the database. Special thanks to lead admin Carl Colena for maintaining and playing a huge role in the databases' growth.

Artemis is an open source Windows/Linux/MacOS compatible application initially programmed by Marco Dalla Tiezza. It brings the sigidwiki website into an offline searchable database with an easy to use UI. Today version 3.0 was released to the public. The new version has been completely rewritten from scratch in Python, as the previous versions were written in BASIC (a now abandoned programming language). The new version has an improved UI, and paves the path for future improvements. 

Marco notes that in the future they hope to add an Autocorrelation function, which might help users automatically identify certain types of repetitive signals simply by playing the raw audio into Artemis.

Note that in order to download the software you will need to sign up to their forum, which is free.

Artemis 3.0 Screenshot
Artemis 3.0 Screenshot
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Hi guys. I’m new to SDR stuff. I got SDR dongle some time ago now but I’m only just trying to connect it up.
I’m using SDR software but I find that it will only tune the vhf bands.
The other thing is I can get the frequency to Chang but the water fall is not updating with it.
Can you let me know what I’m going wrong.

Dan Ford

Why would anybody trust rot star when they direct users to a harmful site, then endorse software that’s infected. Tried to run Artemis, infected by malware reported.


I cant reset my password due to Yahoo mail & wordpress (The email could not be sent. Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function.) Gutted as I wanted to get this……


This is strange because the website uses the Gmail API to send the emails. This is because I wanted to increase the security and reliability of successful delivery. I tried with yahoo and I did not find any issues: let me know on if the problem is still present


Is this just a software “front end” for the sigidwiki website? Does it contain any additional data or other benefit?


Hi Joe, yes and no: the DB came directly from a ‘human’ revised version of the sigidwiki website but Artemis is not only a ‘front end’. Few examples on what is different from sigidwiki website: the DB of Artemis is locally saved in your pc so it is always available offline (this is useful when you are outside, for instance). Another benefit is the multiple filtering options: all the entry are cleaned and revised. You can add or remove a filter in any moment: it is more dynamic and efficient. Artemis offers you also space weather live situation and forecast: very useful especially if you listen on HF. It is also connected and allow searches on the Global Frequency DB We have in mind also several ideas for the future: signal analysis (like an automatic ACF and so on…)


Program exits unexpectedly when trying to download database on apple macbook..


Hi Jack, we are aware of this bug. It has been reported on the main AresValley forum and GitHub


Thank you very much for your reply. Looking forward for a fix-update 😉


No problem! Thank you for the feedback: it is always appreciated! The macOS version should be fixed now in the updated version 3.0.1! Get a try and if you notice something strange please let us know on the aresvalley forum


Works great. A good front end for the Sigidwiki.


Thanks Albert! We are always glad to hear user opinions/compliments!


website borked, can’t register, can’t login, recaptcha not working – pile of junk, any other download location that does work?


Hi helmuth, could you describe me in a more precise way your problem? You are the only person that had a problem with the website…maybe is your system/connection or you use a fake mail address? If you continue to have troubles I’ll be glad to help you: send me directly a mail on


Registered months ago, captcha does not work.
Why do you need a captcha? Do you think a bot would register months ago and wait for the release to spam your site? Not really mad at you, just captchas.


Nope, is because of spam. I had a very bad experience with unexpected registration and mass spam. I want to listen to your suggestions so I removed completely the captcha verification step. I’ll pay special attention to every registration/login for a few weeks to see if anomalous phenomena happen. If so I’ll take action to remove this problem


Worked. Thanks.


You are welcome!


It is not loading old database (list is there but no audio can be played and waterfall image id missing) and can’t update new ones, just vanish from screen.


Hi cya! Are you using the old DB? If yes remember that the last DB of Artemis 2 is now deprecated and is unsupported in Artemis 3. Maybe I didn’t understood your real issue: please, let us know directly on forum!

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