Brute Force Unlocking a Car with a USRP Software Defined Radio has posted an article showing how security researcher Cesare was able to use his USRP software defined radio to unlock a car with wireless entry. Essentially his hack involves brute forcing the rolling security code used by the wireless unlocking security protocol. Even with just a brute force attack he was able to unlock his car in just a few minutes. While this hack probably won’t work with newer cars which disable unlocking for a few minutes after a number of failed code attempts, Cesare notes that the hack will probably work for many similar cars of the 10 years or older generation.

This article goes along with their previous one discussing how thieves could hack into a home alarm system using a software defined radio.

The USRP is an advanced software defined radio that sells for around a thousand dollars but we note that the same attack could be performed with the cheaper and almost available HackRF SDR.

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i bet you can d alot with a $1000 sdr……must be nice