Compiling and using DSD 1.7 for D-STAR on Linux

Amateur Radio hobbyist George Smart has recently written a tutorial showing how to compile and install DSD v1.7 on a Linux computer in order to receive D-STAR digital voice. D-STAR is a digital voice protocol used by hams at a frequency of 145.670 MHz.

The tutorial shows the entire set up process from installing the required dependencies to running DSD 1.7 with GQRX by piping audio through UDP into DSD. He also shows how to run DSD 1.7 on a Raspberry Pi.

Note that DSD v1.7 also runs on Windows, and this previous post links to a precompiled Windows binary file.

GQRX Receiving D-STAR
GQRX Receiving D-STAR
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Hi. I’m testing this toolchain on Bananapi since saturday. CPU usage is 70%/2 cores. DMR decoding isn’t as good as expected. It seems that DSD 1.7 is decoding the first seconds right. Then is creates garbage only. I’m stating DSD with -fr -mg -g 5. Anoyone out there that testing on Bananpi, too?