CubicSDR Updated to Version 0.2.0

CubicSDR is a relatively new SDR program, which is similar in operation to programs like SDR#, HDSDR and SDR-Console. Recently CubicSDR has been updated to V0.2.0. This version seems to be a new stable version which incorporates many changes and improvements built up over the past months. Currently CubicSDR supports the following SDR’s:

  • SoapyRemote
  • AirSpy
  • SDRPlay** (only AppImage supported for Linux currently)
  • HackRF
  • BladeRF
  • Red Pitaya
  • Audio Devices
  • UHD (OSX / Windows Only)
  • RFSpace (OSX Only)


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i have problems in ARM 32 bits, armv7


Instead this, try the Skywave linux distro. All in one ubuntu linux preinstalled and pre-setted. (skywavelinux dot com) ideal to low and moderate skills user.

Steve Carbaugh KB9AYS

I installed it fine on 32 bit windows 7 home premium. It started just fine, let me select both my 820t2 and my e4000 rtl-sdr dongles. But had this annoying click running through the audio and it was in the scope also. That does not happen with SDR#.


Press ‘C’ to center the frequency on the demod concerned, and the crackling sound should disappear. The general cause may be that by now the Audio/Noise filtering features are very rough compared to SDR#, but enhancements are planned for them in the future.


To start I had a lot of faith in CubicSDR as it was easy to install, easy to use and most important the RTL-SDR dongles were immediately visible. I still have V1.4 on a laptop. Shortly after Cubicsdr changed everything and now its almost impossible to understand, let along get an RTL-SDR to work. I also liked CubicSDR to start with because it wasn’t as heavy on CPU or RAM and ran happily on a Netbook while Sharp# wont and almost to the point of being bloatware. The author of CubicSDR really needs to take a step back; make it user proof, write some decent documentation and use an install script to create usable installs.


Just to make the point, look at this mess, “bulding CubicSDR for Windows”

and RTL-SDR still doesnt work

You build it and present a consolidated package that self installs!


It loaded and ran OK for me using Win7 on an i3 PC

However, although I appreciate the Open Source aspect of the Cubic SDR project, and the effort that has gone into producing it, I don’t really see any real reason to use it. The functionality is lagging a long way behind that of SDR# or HDSDR, it runs slowly and it has a lot of dependencies on visual C++.

So I’m sorry to say that other than it being a technical exercise, I don’t really see the point of using it in it’s present form. But maybe I’m missing something ?


Well what hooked me first is the realtime OpenGL waterfall and scope display, and the dynamic contrast on waterfall so that you don’t have to tune the color palette constantly to show the signals of interest better… all other software looked sluggish by comparison, in particular SDR#, and so I didn’t looked back.

What is a bit like HDSDR is that the UI do not depends on a multitude of menus because the main UI alone is very intuitive and powerful.
About the dependencies you could hardly have less, since you only need the Visual C++ runtime compared to SDR# which lies on .NET Framework 4.5 (6?) which only by chance is standard on recent Windows installations.

As for the features compared to SDR#, of course it lacks functionnality, but it just the begining, see for a look on the future !

Compared to HDSDR, from my developper POV, a non-maintained, non-open source software is just a dead man walking, whatever pretty it still looks. As for GQRX it is not officially available on Windows, and the source looks hacky at best. Given that last esthetic and really personal opinion I think CubicSDR has a brighter future than GQRX…


Try another 32bits machine, this running Windows 7 32 bit. (2gb ram dual core intel) The required C++ setup process bargraph running the end, unfortunately the setup not complete. (firewall disabled) OK, restart, C++ setup starting, and again paused 99.9% and waiting forever . . . In this time a third machine (quad core AMD 4g ram, Windows 7 64 bit) the Cubicsdr x64 setup succesfully, including the C++ envinment, and the progrm (cubicsdr) started ! (starting to be happy) Unfortunately not detected a connect rtl-sdr dongle. Reconnect – not helpful. SDRSharp : the dongle present and working. Read the program manual, see the developer’s videos on youtube, similar problems not happend. Anyone can successfully run under windows ?


Definitely working on Windows 7 x64 here, tried both the win32 and win64 version.
Whatever the machine, the prerequisite is to have the Visual C++ 2015 runtimes correctly installed, either x86 or x64 depending on the CubicSDR you intend to use.
If the CubicSDR installer one don’t work, go to Microsoft and search for a “Visual C++ 2015 redistributable”. If you succeed in installing this one, you don’t have to care if the one bundled in CubicSDR installer succeed or not and it should work fine.
As for the rtl-sdr detection, CubicSDR use the same Zadig drivers everyone uses, and should appear in the list of supported devices in the dialog “SDR Devices” which pop-up at CubicSDR start.


Same thing happened to me, rtl device not detected,installed visual C++2015 .


I try under Windows XP SP3 x86 a CubicSDR-0.2.0-win32.exe installer. The install process succesfully, but when launching got just an error messages : “This is nit win32 application”. Later try another win7/64bit machine.


The minimum Windows requirement is Windows 7, so is likely to not work at all on Windows XP, sorry.