CubicSDR: New open source, cross platform SDR software

Over on YouTube a video showing off a preview version of a new cross platform and open source SDR software program has recently been uploaded. The software is named CubicSDR and aims to support all major operating systems including Linux, Windows and OSX. The code can be downloaded from its GitHub page at

CubicSDR currently supports the RTL-SDR, but in the future hopes to support the HackRF and other SDR’s. They also hope to eventually integrate several demodulation filters, make managing multiple SDRs easy and allow for scripting of custom demodulators.

CubicSDR v0.01 Early Preview

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raymond house

HI, how can I get a calibrated S meter indication on CubicSDR? I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 with an SDRPlay RSP1A. I can’t find documentation on this. Thanks


Very “clear” waterfall and spectrum displays.
At my point of vue, far better compared to SDR#, SDR Console and Open HPSDR and HDSDR.
In my “wish” list:
As we can read the “lowest” and “highest” levels on the main spectrum display, displaying the difference (SNR) would be very useful to do gain setting for example.

Best regards and 73 QRO,
Rudi, hb9ari


what is the IQ usage under linux ? Where can be redirected the IQ output ? /dev/dsp isn’t working



P Stevens

It works on Win 7 64-bit, but the audio is stuttery unless the FFT display is paused by opening a drop-down menu or clicking on the UI. My machine’s well within spec for SDR and works very well with all other software.

Wayne Salz

Same problem on AMD 260 3.2 GHz CPU, 8 Gig of RAM

Charles J. Cliffe

Build v0.1.0-beta is now available on the CubicSDR releases page on GitHub:
CubicSDR Releases


Compiles flawlessly and works as expected. Great job!


Looks promising but I still struggling compiling and building the source code on windows 8. 🙂 any documentation how to compile and build on windows?

Richard Koch

mh@n1gp:~/CubicSDR/CubicSDR$ ../CubicSDR/cmake_build/CubicSDR
RTL Devices: 1
Device #0: Generic RTL2832U
Manufacturer: Generic, Product Name: RTL2832U, Serial: 77771111153705700
Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner
Tuner type: Rafael Micro R820T
SDR thread initializing..
SDR post-processing thread started..
I’m able to build successfully on Debian Jessie with wxWidgets3.0.2 but I get the following error
below, anyone have a suggestion?

RTL Devices: 1
Device #0: Generic RTL2832U
./src/unix/glx11.cpp(86): assert “xid” failed in SetCurrent(): window must be shown
Manufacturer: Generic, Product Name: RTL2832U, Serial: 77771111153705700
Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner
Tuner type: Rafael Micro R820T
Using device #0
Found Rafael Micro R820T tuner
Exact sample rate is: 2000000.052982 Hz
Sample Rate is: 2000000
SDR thread started..
Trace/breakpoint trap

Charles J. Cliffe

Hi Richard, issue #31 has been posted at the repository now which will address this soon. Cheers!


I built Liquid DSP on a Banana Pi (vi makefile ESC:%s/mfloat-abi=soft/mfloat-abi=hard/g ) and hit the exact same issue with CubicSDR. Glad it was not some weird ARM issue.


I “git pull”‘ed the update and it works great now, nice.