Conference Talk: Linux, Raspberry Pi, RTLSDR, LAME and Open Source (A Recipe For Responding to Natural Disasters)

The SCaLE conference on open source and free software was recently held on March 10 in Pasadena, California. One of the talks by Ben Kuo AI6YR was titled "Linux, Raspberry Pi, RTLSDR, LAME and Open Source (A Recipe For Responding to Natural Disasters)". This talk was streamed live, and is archived on YouTube.

In the talk Ben discusses how RTL-SDR's can be useful in disaster response by putting radio communications onto online audio streaming sites like Broadcastify. He notes how difficult it was for residents affected by the California wildfires to get up to date information on how close the fire was to their house from news stations and authorities. In contrast information on the internet came in much faster and more accurately. He notes in particular how listening in to firefighter radio communications via online streams uploaded by RTL-SDR users can give the fastest and most up to date information to concerned residents.

Ben also mentions how it can also useful to track the movement of fires via the ADS-B flight tracking data transmitted by fire fighting aircraft. By watching the aircraft movements the spread of the fire can be determined.

In the YouTube video stream, Ben's talk starts at about 3:31:00 and the video below should start at that time. The three other talks recorded in this stream are all ham radio related and may also be of interest to you.

Room 212 Sunday Mar. 10 - SCaLE 17x

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