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Frugal Radio: SDR Guide Ep 5 – Software Primer

After a short break Frugal Radio's ongoing series of SDR beginners guide videos is back, and in the latest episode Rob provides part one of a two part overview of some software available to use with software defined radios such as the RTL-SDR.

In the video he demonstrates general Windows based receiver programs like SDR#, SDRUno, SDR-Console V3, HDSDR, as well as multiplatform software such as SDR Angel, GQRX and CubicSDR. He finishes up by explaining the options available for virtual audio cable programs, which are required to pipe audio from general receiver programs to decoders.

2020 SDR Guide - Episode 5 : Software Primer

YouTube Tutorial: Installing and Using CubicSDR on a Mac

Over on YouTube user RickMakes has uploaded a video showing how to install and use CubicSDR on a Mac computer. CubicSDR is a general purpose program compatible with multiple SDRs including the RTL-SDR and is one of the few SDR programs available for use on MacOS.

The installation is as simple as downloading the .dmg file from the CubicSDR GitHub page and running the automatic installer. Afterwards you can move the program to your Applications folder. Once opened CubicSDR should then automatically detect any RTL-SDR that is plugged in.

In the rest of the video RickMakes demonstrates CubicSDR and the RTL-SDR in action, receiving various broadcast FM and ISM band signals.

CubicSDR Basic Setup on Mac with RTL-SDR Blog V3

Exploring CubicSDR with a Video Tutorial

Over on YouTube Corrosive has uploaded a new video where he explores CubicSDR, and explains all the windows and settings that it has. CubicSDR is a free RTL-SDR compatible cross-platform open source multi-mode SDR application, similar in nature to SDR#, HDSDR SDR-Console etc. It's quite popular due to it's multi-platform nature, meaning that it can run on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

CubicSDR v0.1.4 Beta Released

CubicSDR is a new and upcoming multi platform open source SDR software package that is compatible with the RTL-SDR. It is similar to programs like SDR#, HDSDR and SDR-Radio. Recently the programmers have released version 0.0.4-beta which adds several new features which we have listed below:

  • Audio Spectrum visuals, drag the A/V visuals area to toggle between audio Scope and Spectrum
  • Waterfall speed can now be controlled between 1 and 1024 lines per second
  • Waterfall now continues to render while minimized or in background
  • Waterfall/Spectrum can now be zoomed to 30khz window with improved resolution
  • Spectrum averaging speed can now be controlled between 1% and 99%
  • I/Q mode for piping decimated I/Q to other applications at audio sample rate
  • Spectrum peak and floor decibels now displayed (can toggle off/on with ‘B’)
  • Can now mute demodulator with ‘M’ button or pressing ‘M” while hovering
  • Save and recall device Offset, I/Q swap, Direct sampling, Waterfall/Spectrum speed, Window state
  • Performance and UI responsiveness improvements
  • Can now use direct input for demod bandwidth
  • Direct input < 3000 now assumes Mhz
  • Additional device input sample rates
  • Improved waterfall keyboard controls via arrow keys
  • Can now specify alternate configuration name via -c (name) or -config (name) at command line
  • Automatically reduce unused buffer memory over time
  • Several crash fixes

CubicSDR is compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS. It can be downloaded from www.cubicsdr.com.

CubicSDR v0.1.4 Demonstration

CubicSDR: New open source, cross platform SDR software

Over on YouTube a video showing off a preview version of a new cross platform and open source SDR software program has recently been uploaded. The software is named CubicSDR and aims to support all major operating systems including Linux, Windows and OSX. The code can be downloaded from its GitHub page at https://github.com/cjcliffe/CubicSDR.

CubicSDR currently supports the RTL-SDR, but in the future hopes to support the HackRF and other SDR’s. They also hope to eventually integrate several demodulation filters, make managing multiple SDRs easy and allow for scripting of custom demodulators.

CubicSDR v0.01 Early Preview