YouTube Tutorial: Installing and Using CubicSDR on a Mac

Over on YouTube user RickMakes has uploaded a video showing how to install and use CubicSDR on a Mac computer. CubicSDR is a general purpose program compatible with multiple SDRs including the RTL-SDR and is one of the few SDR programs available for use on MacOS.

The installation is as simple as downloading the .dmg file from the CubicSDR GitHub page and running the automatic installer. Afterwards you can move the program to your Applications folder. Once opened CubicSDR should then automatically detect any RTL-SDR that is plugged in.

In the rest of the video RickMakes demonstrates CubicSDR and the RTL-SDR in action, receiving various broadcast FM and ISM band signals.

CubicSDR Basic Setup on Mac with RTL-SDR Blog V3

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“For users who want to use CubicSDR for the first time, the installation and usage tutorial is quite beneficial. The installation process is simple and hassle-free thanks to the detailed but understandable instructions. It’s a clever touch to include troubleshooting advice because it addresses probable problems that customers could run across. This manual achieves an excellent mix between technical detail and usability, making it suitable for both novice and advanced users. Overall, a great resource for Mac users looking to utilize CubicSDR.
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SOP Writer

This one is so genuine. And in our training phase during SOP writing, we found it to be a great thing.

mahion global

Do we have any relative software for mac

Homer Davila

What other software we can use on Mac?

Jon Hudson

Mac users who have SDRplay RSPs may also be interested in using CubicSDR. This video is of a recent webinar discussing how to connect up your RSP with CubicSDR running on a MAC :