Designing a Remote SDR Station

Over on his blog w5fcx has posted an article that explains how he’s managed to set up a remote software defined radio based ham radio station. The article is more focused on high end ham equipment for RX and TX use, but similar principles could apply to a RX only station with SDRs like the RTL-SDR/Airspy/SDRplay.

He writes how he uses a VPN to remotely connect to his home computer and makes use of the SmartSDR app for Flex SDR radios which is available for iOS and Windows. Many of the apps he uses such as his antenna rotator software are also controlled over VPN via remote COM port software. He also notes requirements for having an internet controllable AC power supply in case TX needs to be shut down and a UPS for continuous power. For the actual radio side he uses a FlexRadio SDR, Elecraft Amplifier and Tuner, and antenna rotator and a Spiderbeam Yagi antenna.

The article explains in detail much of the equipment and software that he uses and is an excellent read for those wanting to get started in designing a remotely accessible SDR station.

Remote SDR Station Components
Remote SDR Station Components

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