DragonOS: BladeRF-wiphy Demonstration

Recently we posted about bladeRF-wiphy which is open source code that can turn a bladeRF software defined radio into a software defined WiFi access point. The bladeRF 2.0 is a relatively low cost SDR which costs $420 for the low end version. It is capable of both transmit and receive (2x2 MIMO) with a 47 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range and 61.44 MHz sampling rate.

Over on YouTube Aaron who created DragonOS has uploaded a video demonstrating bladeRF-wiphy in action. He writes:

This video demonstrates Nuand’s new open source 802.11 modem/FPGA available for the bladeRFxA9. Everything will be Pre included in DragonOS Focal to setup an open AP and hopefully whatever’s required for use within Kismet.

Minor configuration is needed for the open AP, while Kismet integration should be pretty straight forward.

This is an awesome addition to the bladeRF and I look forward to seeing what else is possible with this new open source 802.11 compatible modem!

DragonOS Focal BladeRF-wiphy w/ Open Wi-Fi AP and Splash page (bladeRFxA9)

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