DragonOS: Debian Linux with Preinstalled Open Source SDR Software

Thank you to Aaron for submitting news about his latest project called "DragonOS" which he's been working on while in COVID-19 lock down. DragonOS is a Debian Linux based operating system which comes with many open source software defined radio programs pre-installed. It supports SDRs like the RTL-SDR, HackRF and LimeSDR.

Aaron's video below shows how to set up DragonOS in a VirtualBox, and he has two other videos on his channel showing how to set up ADS-B reception with Kismet, and how to run GR-RDS in GNURadio. He aims to continue with more tutorial videos that make use of the software installed on DragonOS in the near future.

DragonOS 10 Installer (download in description)

Screenshot of the GR-RDS Tutorial


  1. Frank

    No matter what I’m trying to install onto hdd using live installer with no luck. After create a new partition and follow instruction in the youtube channel still unsuccessfull. No MBR appear to install grub. Only root is appear eventhough I trying many times to reinstall through delete partition, create a new partition using gparted. Is there any idea?

  2. al

    or go with SigintOS its Ubuntu Linux that has all the military grade Signals tools rebuilt on it and you can use it on a USB without needing to install. also has imsi catcher-catcher and some proprietary tools from SigintOS. Im sure you have all heard of this Distro

    A few of the major tools——-> SigintOS-Tool, GnuRadio, YateBTS, srsLTE, Gqrx, IMSI Catcher

  3. Chris

    Here’s the Sourceforge page.

    Personally I find it’s usually easier to install stuff yourself onto a common distro such as Ubuntu, because many SDR tools age quite quickly, but I do see the attraction of having everything built in, having spent many hours “happily” getting gnuradio to work 😉

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