DragonOS: RF Propagation Analysis with Signal Server GUI

DragonOS is a ready to use Ubuntu Linux image that comes preinstalled with multiple SDR software packages. The creator Aaron also runs a YouTube channel showing how to use the various packages installed. In his latest video Aaron shows how to use the new Signal-Server GUI that has recently been added to DragonOS.

We posted about Signal Server before as it's a very powerful open source tool for creating RF Propagation simulations. With this tool you can determine how a signal from a transmitter might propagate, by taking into account factors like frequency, EIRP, and geographic elevation maps. The resulting propagation map can then be plotted on Google Earth.

Aarons recent work adds thetacoms GUI to the Signal Server install on DragonOS, and his video shows how to use it, including an introduction to RF propagation analysis in general. This version of DragonOS with the GUI is not yet available for download, but it will be in a future version. For now the video also shows how to install the GUI.

DragonOS Focal New Signal Server GUI Setup + Intro to RF Propagation Analysis (Signal-Server) Part 1

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Do you have elevation data for the area?


Actually I don’t think that wouldn’t prevent the plot from being created. Are you trying this on DragonOS or something else? You also need Signal Server built and also convert installed if you’re using your own distro. If you’re still having problems comment on the video and I’ll try and address.


same problem


im getting indexerror: list out of range
plot.latlonbox.north = dimensions[1]


Look ant plots min freq