Finding Cheap Pre-Designed PCBs for SDR Projects

Recently reader Neil KM4PHK wrote in to us to let us know that he’s been having a good time searching for SDR related PCB’s over on OSH Park. OSH Park is a company that allows you to upload and share a PCB, and then have it cheaply printed and sent to you for construction.

Some useful RTL-SDR related PCBs we found searching through their shared projects include PCB’s for a SAW filter, a PSA4-5043+ based LNAan MGA-53543 based LNAa lowpass or bandpass filteran FM trap, an ADS-B filter with LNA and a bias tee. More projects can be found by searching the shared projects page for strings like “SDR, LNA, Filter, Bias Tee, ADS-B”. Neil also writes that although some projects don’t have instructions on their OSH Park page, usually searching Google will reveal them.

An example PCB for an LNA that can be found on OSH Park.
An example PCB for an LNA that can be found on OSH Park.

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  1. Dave, WD8CIV

    Amazing – board designers who actually document their boards! I’ve seen dozens of boards offered on that site that I was interested in using, but there was no documentation other than a vague name.

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