FlightAware Prostick Plus Now Available in our Store

The FlightAware ProStick Plus is an modified RTL-SDR designed specifically for ADS-B reception. Its main defining feature is that it has a built in low noise figure LNA, and a 1090 MHz SAW filter. The LNA reduces the noise figure of the RTL-SDR, improving ADS-B reception and thus increasing the number of messages received and the receivable range of aircraft. The SAW filter helps remove out of band signals which can cause the RTL-SDR to overload if they are particularly strong. The Prostick Plus also comes with a TCXO, and SMA connector.

If you are mainly interested in ADS-B reception, or are looking to set up an ADS-B station then the Prostick Plus is one of the best choices you can make. See our previous review here.

We are now reselling some of FlightAware’s Prostick Plus dongles in our store now. They cost $24.95 USD including free shipping worldwide. We intend to sell them mainly to customers outside of the USA, as FlightAware already sell them officially on Amazon, but we offer free shipping anywhere in the world.

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The Pro Stick Plus RTL-SDR based ADS-B Receiver from FlightAware.
The Pro Stick Plus RTL-SDR based ADS-B Receiver from FlightAware.
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Is there any updates as to when the your worldwide stock will be available again?
Has been out of stock for some time now.


Unfair, for us Europeans we have to wait a month and a half to get them. If we need to return them it’s 30€. We want warehouse in Europe too. I went to eastern China in just 10 hours, but they can’t manage to ship over air post in less than a month.


Looks like it’s in a plastic case ?? Does it have heat issues ?


Thanks for your reply,
I’ll probably take out of the case and fit into a metal case with my usual gap pad as a thermal transfer medium.


Thank you!!! Finally a place to buy this without the huge markup and shipping costs for us Aussies.