Great Scott Gadgets URTI: Phase Two Progress Report

Over on their GitHub, Great Scott Gadgets, creators of the popular HackRF SDR, have created a phase two progress report for their upcoming URTI product. URTI (Universal Radio Test Instrument) is their next generation software defined radio which will work not only as a full-duplex SDR transceiver, but also as a vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer and more.

In the phase two update they note that they have completed fabrication of an initial prototype board and have confirmed that all components on the board are functional. They note that much of phase four was already completed in parallel, which means the firmware and gateware development is also close to completion. So hopefully we will see more updates soon.

More information about URTI can be found at

URTI (Universal Radio Test Instrument) First Prototype Board
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My hack rf did the same, £200 for a piece of junk, its a known problem and he hasnt even put a fix out yet. Wast of money, dont buy one.


What is the frequency range?


Looked at the schematic. And it uses a mixer capable of tuning between 30MHz to 6GHz.
So I think that will be the fq range


no bias-t for active antennas


This is a multiporpose test board and not just a SDR TRx. A Bias-T would to my understanding cause problems wth the measurement circuits, but adding a bias T feeding at the SMA ports should be possible.


Ths time FFS give it better protection from nearby signals. The hackrf blew as soon as a signal looked at it. Paperweight. My cheap RTL-SDR doesn’t.


If you read the documention, you’ll find the limiter test report.
The purpose is to “Evaluate performance of various RF limiter circuits intended to protect LNAs or other sensitive RF components up to 6 GHz.”