Reverse engineering a public parking electronic display to play Tetris

Recently we received an email from reader @Ivoidwarranties about his latest project which involved using a HackRF to reverse engineer the RF protocol used by a public parking electronic display. Once reverse engineered @Ivoidwarranties used a XR-2206 monolithic function generator, hybrid RF amplifier and an Arduino to create a device that overrides the public parking display and plays a game of Tetris on it.

We don’t have any details on the HackRF reverse engineering side of things, but he has uploaded a video to YouTube showing the hack in action.

Real hacking of public parking electronic display

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This looks so awesome, but is private and unavailable to me. Could I possibly by allowed to view the video please? Thanks!





Position du panneau à Villeneuve d’Ascq près de Decathlon pas trés loin de Lille !


Please could you avoid tagging the place ! Thanks !
This isn’t an interesting fact about the hack itself , and will just make the city angry about it ..