Hak5: Installing RTL-SDR on Linux

In this episode of Hak5, a popular YouTube technology channel, Shannon shows how to use the RTL-SDR on Debian Linux. She shows how to install the RTL-SDR drivers from scratch if using a distribution without them pre-installed and also shows how to install and use rtl_fm, a command line FM demodulator.

WiFi Birdhouses and Linux RTL-SDR Setup, Hak5 1703

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Andron MacBeton

WTF is wrong with nerds?
Can anyone still do something WITHOUT a goddamn youtube and goonglesucking?
What happened to the good old days? I still remember times when you could just search for a nice txt manual.
Something like:
1. Stick your damn PCI/USB/whatever in the damn computer!
2. lspci or fuckin lsusb!
3. wget something.deb or apt-get install something
4. goto the damn .config and nano/pico/vi it!
5. write that and change this in it!
6. run the goddamn executable file!
Why is everything on fucking youtube now? And in a fucking resolution where you can’t distinguish a letter q from letter g.


I think its because may be they want the youtube video hits for ad revenue may be?? Yea i don’t like the video version too. Its inconvinient. And my connection at home sucks currently


wudda prick…I guess assholes are everywhere


if someone is interested in using direct sampling mode with rtl_tcp service, you can find modified source code on my website : sp5tof.qrz.pl in projects section.

73 de SP5TOF


Really – 6 minutes of the video for FAX story? Big mistake.


Great video for getting started with rtl-sdr on Linux. Very helpful. Sometimes it’s hard to get anything going on Linux.


Thank you for posting our videos!!! <3<3<3 We love your blog and consider it one of the best sources for information about SDR. I hope the tuts we've been posting are useful to some of your followers. 🙂