Hak5: Installing RTL-SDR on Linux

In this episode of Hak5, a popular YouTube technology channel, Shannon shows how to use the RTL-SDR on Debian Linux. She shows how to install the RTL-SDR drivers from scratch if using a distribution without them pre-installed and also shows how to install and use rtl_fm, a command line FM demodulator.

WiFi Birdhouses and Linux RTL-SDR Setup, Hak5 1703


  1. Andron MacBeton

    WTF is wrong with nerds?
    Can anyone still do something WITHOUT a goddamn youtube and goonglesucking?
    What happened to the good old days? I still remember times when you could just search for a nice txt manual.
    Something like:
    1. Stick your damn PCI/USB/whatever in the damn computer!
    2. lspci or fuckin lsusb!
    3. wget something.deb or apt-get install something
    4. goto the damn .config and nano/pico/vi it!
    5. write that and change this in it!
    6. run the goddamn executable file!
    Why is everything on fucking youtube now? And in a fucking resolution where you can’t distinguish a letter q from letter g.

    • Anonymous

      I think its because may be they want the youtube video hits for ad revenue may be?? Yea i don’t like the video version too. Its inconvinient. And my connection at home sucks currently

  2. Jakub

    if someone is interested in using direct sampling mode with rtl_tcp service, you can find modified source code on my website : sp5tof.qrz.pl in projects section.

    73 de SP5TOF

  3. Jeff

    Great video for getting started with rtl-sdr on Linux. Very helpful. Sometimes it’s hard to get anything going on Linux.

  4. Shannon

    Thank you for posting our videos!!! <3<3<3 We love your blog and consider it one of the best sources for information about SDR. I hope the tuts we've been posting are useful to some of your followers. 🙂

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