KerberosSDR Now Available from ML&S in the UK

KerberosSDR is now available for sale from Martin Lynch & Sons (ML&S) in the UK for £169.95 incl. VAT. Quantities are limited. ML&S have also created a short overview video shown below.

The KerberosSDR is our 4-channel phase coherent capable RTL-SDR unit that we previously crowdfunded back in 2018.  With a 4-channel phase coherent RTL-SDR interesting applications like radio direction finding, passive radar and beam forming become possible. It can also be used as 4 separate RTL-SDRs for multichannel monitoring.

Virtual Video Visit Episode 4, The Kerberos 4 Coherent SDR new to ML&S

For non UK customers the KerberosSDR is also available from the USA with international shipping from the Othernet store and Hacker Warehouse for US$149.95.

The KerberosSDR: 4x Tuner Coherent Capable RTL-SDR
The KerberosSDR: 4x Tuner Coherent Capable RTL-SDR
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So it costs more in its country of manufacture, than it does in the states.

How does this pattern continue?


Is there any Kerberos Rtlsdr driver that would in-effect create a voting receiver using the 4 receiver/antennas?