YouLoop Batch 2 Available for Pre-Order: Estimated Shipping in One Week

A few days ago we posted about our release of the first batch of YouLoop passive HF/VHF loop antenna kits. We underestimated the demand and sold out of kits in less than a day! We now have a second batch currently being manufactured and it should be ready to ship out in about a week from now (late March/early April).

You can currently pre-order this item from our store, and we will ship it out as soon as the stock hits the shelves on our warehouse. For this product we are focusing on non-US customers and US customers can purchase locally from Though we will still fulfill US orders if you want to order from us instead.

If you are interested in further information, search YouLoop on Twitter to see a bunch of new tweets about people talking about and demonstrating this antenna design.

YouLoop Portable Passive Magnetic Loop Antenna for HF and VHF
YouLoop Portable Passive Magnetic Loop Antenna for HF and VHF
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Brian H.

I will definitely be giving one of these a try soon. I live in an apartment building on the top floor and can’t put anything outside (I don’t even have a patio) so this will hopefully be better than what I’ve been using which isn’t much more than a longwire running across my ceiling. The price is right so it’s definitely worth giving it a shot.

Geoffrey Gill

Hi Brian

Have you bought ione of these yet? What are your thoughts?

Stu C

I made my own out of aluminium tube and am currently testing with an RSP1A (+in-line amp), positively surprised at the reception.
I think they do need to build a dedicated LNA into the head that can be powered via coax. The cheap LNA I am using is OK but needs 12V so that is another lead that needs to go somewhere and is a potential source of noise. I’d also like someone to do some BALUN ratio tests as I tried a couple but could not really measure the full affect.