L-Band Patch Antenna Set Preorder Sale Ending Soon – Shipping Begins Next Week

Just a heads up that the preorder sale on our new L-Band Patch antenna set will be ending October 21 as we are almost ready to ship the units out. After the preorder sale ends the pricing will rise from $34.95 to $39.95 USD.

PREORDER PRICING: 34.95 USD incl. free shipping.

Please see our store to preorder the unit.

Preorder has now ended and shipping will begin shortly. Thank you!

The product is a ready to use active patch antenna set that is designed to receive L-Band satellites such as Inmarsat, Iridium and GPS. It is enclosed in a waterproof plastic case, and can easily be mounted to a window using the provided suction cup and 2M coax extension cable. It can also be mounted to almost anything else using the included flexible tripod legs, or if you prefer, use the standard 1/4" camera screw hole to connect it to any mount that you like.

The antenna is powered via 3.3V - 5V bias tee power, so any bias tee capable SDR such as our RTL-SDR Blog V3 can be used to power it.

In terms of performance see our previous post that announced the product for sample screenshots and reception tips.

The RTL-SDR Blog L-Band Satellite Patch Antenna Set
The RTL-SDR Blog L-Band Satellite Patch Antenna Set
Inmarsat Reception
Iridium Reception
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Just ordered mine off ebay here in UK, thought I’d take a chance as it looks easier than lugging around my old modified worldspace radio antenna and USB power fed dc-dc voltage converter and bias-t block ?


Works very well for Inmarsat, very satisfied. Also seems to receive Iridium, all as advertised. Can even decode AERO 10500 bps channels indoors with it.


This is an awesome little device. Works beautifully with my Funcube Dongle Pro, and have been copying Aero and STD-C INMARSAT signals for a week now. Surprisingly strong signals too from my location in Virginia. I am going to have to get another for travel.


Sent out last Thurday, received today. Initial tests look good. Pity you can’t be curious and peek inside. How do you open that little black box?