Linus Tech Tips Reviews the Flipper Zero

The Flipper Zero is an affordable handheld RF device for pentesters and hackers. It is not based on SDR technology, however it uses a CC1101 chip, a digitally controlled RX/TX radio that is capable of demodulating and modulating many common digital modulations such as OOK/ASK/FSK/GFSK/MSK at frequencies below 1 GHz. 

What sets it apart from most of the other CC1101 devices is the high level of software support built into it, the enthusiastic community and of course the branding. 

Back in August 2020 we initially posted about the Flipper Zero starting its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Since then, despite major business problems like PayPal freezing 1.3M of its cash, and US customs temporarily seizing its shipments, then passing a $70,000 bill on to them for storage fees, Flipper has gained huge popularity through social media video sites like TikTok, where people show off its capabilities, often in ways that could be considered mischievous.

Recently over on YouTube, Linus from the most popular technology YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips reviewed the Flipper Zero. In the video Linus discusses the legally and morality of the Flipper Zero, and discusses some use cases around RFID and NFC.

This Makes Hacking TOO Easy - Flipper Zero

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Flipper Three

I cannot fully agree with this point of view. The issue here is that of course everything what Flipper Zero does was already possible, often for many years. But to do all those things – multiple different setups and devices were needed, a lot of knowledge and this was expensive to gather all needed HW. HackRF One price is nowhere close to this.
Sad true is that we’re living in a world, where not everything was made and built having the security in mind on the first place, especially if some systems were created many years ago. Making many of simple attacks against less secured systems so easy and cheap, when we’re simply unable to completely replace e.g. old security in our old car or flat is something that should bring more attention. And not turning this down to just a play of bored kids, adding that this was already possible. Surely not only kids will use this. And if something is now possible on a device for ~150 USD instead of ~500 USD, there’s no doubt that interest in this won’t be only from a kids or white hats.
Making attacks easier and easier does not improve security and is harmful on a short term basis.
Somebody will construct device as capable as HackRF One and we will again say – oh, that was already possible to steal your car, totally ignoring the fact that it was not so simple?